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Human-links lance sa V2
--> outils

La version 2 de Human-Links a été officiellement lancée jeudi 18 septembre. L'outil de KM et de veille de la société Amoweba est disponible en versions Community (gratuite) et Intelligence (payante). Avec cette V2, Human-links interroge maintenant le moteur de recherche d'Espotting qui propose des liens sponsorisés par des annonceurs ainsi que les résultats du moteur Inktomi en sus du réseau peer to peer utilisé habituellement.
Originalité : A chaque click sur un lien sponsorisé, la part de revenu devant être versée à Amoweba est partagée entre et Amoweba pour soutenir leurs actions d'aide a l'enfance.

Human-links, du groupe Amoweba (qui comprend aussi dans ses filiales Mapstan, l'éditeur d'outils de cartographie d'information) est une solution de recherche, organisation, cartographie, partage de l'information et veille sur le net. Elle fonctionne grâce aux technologies P2P. Ce logiciel est à télécharger en local sur son PC.
> Présentation en Flash de Human-links V2
> Communiqué de presse complet sur le site de Human-links.

• [Source :  Intelligence-Center]

Ecrit par slide68, le Lundi 22 Septembre 2003, 23:29 dans la rubrique "Veille".

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Actualité moteurs de recherche : " Septembre 2003   Human-links lance sa V2  23 sept. 2003 "

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Actualité moteurs de recherche : "Gary Price ]    Human-links lance sa V2  23 sept. 2003 "

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Normality and abnormality are the phenomena which are created by the society to introduce the criteria of human behavior, actions, or appearance. In fact, normality is not defined by one individual; it can exist only in a social group because one can be normal or abnormal comparing to somebody else. According to this fact, all disputes about normality and abnormality can be categorized according to such criteria as time, social norms, values, statistical data, and ideal view. The issue of normality is usually observed from three perspectives. The first one involves evolution and biology. Human nature makes an individual adapt to the environment changes in order to survive. For instance, one may discuss extra weight as an instinct to gain as much calories as possible. In ancient times, people did not have the constant flow of food; consequently, every time they had an opportunity to eat, they did it, gaining extra weight that was further used by an organism in a period of food lack. Today, people do not have to do it, but the instinctive desire still exists. Therefore, many people have the uncontrolled and constant hunger and eat every time as much as they can but not as they need.
The second perspective is culture. The social influence, traditions, and culture that surround an individual inform him/her about normality and abnormality. Some things that were abnormal in the past become normal today and vice versa. For instance, gay marriages were the exception in the beginning of the twentieth century and were viewed as something abnormal, while today this practice is not rare.
The third perspective is statistics. Statistics creates the image of normality; if the majority of people do something, then it is considered normal. For instance, the average IQ for the majority of people is about 90-115. If one has IQ which is higher or lower, then it is abnormal.
According to this fact, it can be said that normality and abnormality are very relative terms because they introduce tendencies that prevail in the society in a current period of time and may be changed in the future.

During my personal observation, I outlined that media has a great impact on my perception of normality and abnormality. For instance, when I turn on TV to watch a film, as a rule, the main characters of the majority of movies correspond to the social stereotypes which exist in the society. For example, if one talks about a female character, then it is a pretty woman of pleasant appearance, in good physical shape, and with a brilliant smile. In addition, her hair is always in order and her make-up looks excellent whatever she does. This image makes people believe that it is the usual appearance of a woman, and the average woman should look like a favorite character from a daily series. However, in reality, the truth is different. In fact, there is a low percentage of women who are able to look this way: some women have a bit of extra weight; some are not as tall as one used to imagine; other women do not always have proper clothes, or their teeth are not white as snow. The Hollywood image of an average woman creates the false perception of normality. Hence, this normality is based on the ideal stereotype but not on a real average woman.
Another personal observation is about the relations between people, especially sexual relations. Today, teenagers start dating at early age, for instance, when they are 14-15 years old; this is considered to be a norm among peers. In addition, there are cases when teenagers start dating even earlier. If a girl or a boy is eighteen years old and he/she still does not date somebody, it is viewed as abnormality. Teenagers start dating earlier and receive their first sexual experience before their twentieth. According to the statistics, an average teenager in the United States has the first sex before he/she is 17. Moreover, people have sex, although they are not married; however, it is viewed as normality, and only very little percentage of families demonstrate critique of this tendency.
However, in 1950s, the current statistics would be abnormal for that generation. At that time, it was abnormal to start dating so early; the first intimate contact happened on average when young people were about twenty years old. In addition, parents were against any sexual contact before marriage; hence, young people needed to carefully hide their intimate relations or get married in their twentieth.
The attitude to marriages has also changed. Today, young people do not hurry to get married; some of them do not perceive marriage as something important and believe that it is just the formality. Therefore, it is normal today not to be married but live together as a family. Such behavior was impossible for the previous generation. The marriage was the essential stage of their lives. The church had the great effect on this tendency; however, it loses its influence on the social life today. According to the church canons, a man could not have the intimate relations with a woman before marriage since it was considered to be a sin. Hence, the social values of the modern time do not view marriage as an important condition for living together.

As a conclusion, it can be said that normality and abnormality are extremely variable phenomena. Some things that were abnormal earlier have become the norms today. People change their vision of normality and abnormality according to changes which occur in the environment; these changes are mostly connected with the shifts in the social life. The modern world is a rapid world of information where everybody should be in motion. In fact, it is a time when one should constantly do something to be aware of the world and to be normal. According to this fact, normality and abnormality represent the tendencies of the current stage in history which reflect the demands and needs of this time.
Normality is predetermined by average norms, those standards which can be applied to the majority of people. However, very often normality does not have the statistical background to justify itself. The stereotypes created by the society lead to the development of the norms that are acknowledged by people. For instance, the standards of beauty are far from being realistic because they represent more the ideal expectations rather than the average.
Normality is viewed as something that everybody wants to be a part of. Nobody aspires to be abnormal because it means that he/she is wrong or not like others. Surely, there is a certain percentage of people who always try to behave abnormal in order not to be like everybody, but even this behavior becomes a norm from the abnormal perspective. Therefore, in their desire to become abnormal, people start to behave or do things which are not normal for them. Hence, abnormality is another side of normality which always changes. Therefore, people are the ones who decide what is normal today and what cannot be viewed as statistically correct or simply abnormal.

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